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Refreshing the kit at Everyone Active Central Park, Romford

09 Jan 2024
Refreshing the kit at Everyone Active Central Park, Romford

Everyone Active is one of the largest leisure centre operators in the UK, and D2F Fitness have been supplying fitness equipment to its gyms for over a decade. We recently renovated the first of many centres with Altrafit kit, completely rejuvenating the site by supplying everything from the flooring to the functional training area.

Free Weights Area

In the free weights area we began by fitting durable and rugged flooring, capable of withstanding the heaviest of weights and machines.

We then installed Altrafit racks, with our robust urethane Dumbbells from 2-50kg – which come with a 5 year commercial warranty as standard, alongside fixed urethane barbells, from 10-45kg, with knurled steel handles for incredible longevity and grip.

Our range of Olympic bars and bumper plates were fitted on the platforms, along with urethane discs for the various plate loaded machines. We added the bar, disc and bumper plate racks to help keep everything neat and tidy.

Functional Training Area

In the functional training area we laid out our durable rubber flooring, along with a numbered, coloured sled track for sled pushes and pulls. Plus, we added our modular soft plyo box for vertical jumps and depth jumps.

To finish off the functional training area we kitted out the rig with our kettlebells and slam balls, and we included our machine handle attachments and stand.

Stretch / Warm up area

We created a stretching and warm up area, covered in soft but durable turf, adding urethane dumbbell set 1-10kg along with our variety of medicine balls and soft exercise balls for those looking to add some light load to their stretching routine.

Studio Equipment

The Studio in Central Park leisure centre is situated in the sports hall, hosting group exercise classes. We installed our range of Pump Sets, including racks with plates, along with our neoprene studio dumbbells on the lockable rack on wheels.

The end result was a refreshed look for the gym, achieved with simple updates to kit and designed to meet the specific needs of Everyone Active Central Park’s members. If you’re looking to have your gym, fitness facility or studio kitted out with Altrafit equipment then get in touch with us:
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