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Introducing Altrafit

09 Jan 2024
Introducing Altrafit

The story of the Altrafit brand and plans moving forward

Welcome to our blog where we’ll be sharing information about our products and new launches, exercises and how-tos, tips and tricks, showing installs and case studies and much more.

In this first blog we’re going to explain the story of Altrafit, how it came to be, and our plans moving forward.

The story of Altrafit

Altrafit is a brand from D2F Fitness, who have been supplying the fitness industry for over a decade, with a UK based product development & manufacturing capability with a strong pipeline of new product innovations.

Clients of D2F Fitness include Bannatyne, Everyone Active, Fitness First, Better, Matrix, Third Space, Red Bull Racing and many more.

D2F Fitness created the Altrafit brand to supply high-quality, affordable fitness equipment directly from supplier to customer – helping to maximise efficiency and minimise cost.

The Altrafit brand currently covers functional training equipment, free weights, studio equipment, flooring and turf tracks, racks and more. Whatever your gym needs, Altrafit will have a high-quality, cost-effective option.

The Future of Altrafit

Our aim is to continuing developing the product range we offer, adding more equipment to each category – keep your eyes peeled for some exciting new products coming soon!

This means fitness facilities, leisure centres and operators will be able to purchase all of their fitness equipment directly from Altrafit. Buying high-quality, affordable functional fitness equipment that is built to last, with exceptional warranty terms.

If you’re interested in finding out more about our range, or looking to kit out your facility with Altrafit equipment then get in touch with us: or visit our contact us page.

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